In our latest podcast Charlie Doubek and Justin Woolen discuss how NTT ltd. and Cisco have worked together to help customers make key decisions faster to upgrade their legacy products and accelerate their migration plans.

In this short podcast you will also hear:

  • An overview of the NTT Cloud Deployment Framework
  • How the framework works and the choices you may need to make as an organisation
  • How customers are now reviewing their Cisco technology to include all the new cisco enhancements to enable the future of hybrid working
Below you can see an outline of our Cloud Deployment Framework, should you wish to learn more please contact Charlie Doubek

Charlie has been in the telecommunications industry for more than 15 years working for providers such as MCI-Verizon, Genesys, West Corporation, and now NTT Ltd, gaining vast experience across the North American, EMEA, and APAC markets. His primary focus has been professional services related to the adoption of collaborative services and technical integrations for the last 10 years. Now he is focusing on end to end digital transformation services around cloud datacentre and intelligent communications

At heart I am a tech geek and built my first PC (ZX81) at the age of 10. I'm constantly curious about how things work and I love understanding how technology impacts the world, especially given that I've worked with tech for 30 years, from the army to one of the most high-tech companies in the world, Cisco. Public Sector has always been a major area of interest for me especially after spending over 5 years helping customers from the Healthcare, Defence, Education and Government sectors to transition to a more symbiotic and connected world by harnessing AI and technology to improve the overall quality of service and value offered in all sectors.
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