Frontline Workers drive business: Teams is the hub that connects them.
Fully-funded Microsoft Frontline Worker workshops

Thinking about Microsoft Teams for your Frontline workers? Register for one of our free remote workshop assessment.

Our remote readiness assessments provide experience guidance and access to our experts to get you enabled your on Teams in a very short period of time.

Microsoft Teams offers a unique end-to-end meeting solution that revitalizes the human aspect of personal interaction and helps people do it before, during and stay focused after the interaction. We address all your concerns about Microsoft Teams when it comes to execution, such as: Calling, Meetings, Collaboration, Security & Governance and Change Management.

Many organisations already understand the value of moving to Microsoft Teams for their Frontline workers. However, to realise its full potential and make the move a success, the right guidance is needed to support with what can be a complex transition.

*Workshops fully funded by Microsoft and NTT, depending on your license subscription
Organisations that prioritise FrontLine Workers see results
They have more productive employees
They have more
loyal employees
They are more
They generate more

91% of business leaders indicate an increase in Frontline Workers performance and productivity when digitally empowered

64% of business leaders indicate decrease in employee turnover after empowering Frontline Workers with digital tools

81% of executives agree that Frontline Worker autonomy makes organisations more competitive

70% of organisations that empower Frontline Workers see increased sales and revenue
Enabling your workforce

Frontline Workers are, and always have been, the backbone of the world economy. This has become even more obvious in the face of the pandemic. While some are returning to work as parts of the world reopen, others have continued to work throughout the pandemic.

Frontline workers are vitally important in organizations of all sizes. They use a wealth of knowledge and first-hand customer insights to provide essential services. These workers often compose the majority of the workforce and are in roles where they are the first to engage customers, to see products and services in action, and to represent your brand. 

It is their efforts that translate strategies into action, delight customers and move the organization forward. 
Optimise your workforce with Microsoft Teams
Connect your workforce
Digitize manual processes
Protect your organization
Connecting employees with tool they need to improve productivity and engagement.
Save time and cut costs and by automating tasks and processes with custom apps.
Safeguard your organization with best-in-class security compliance features.
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