[Expand your recruitment boundaries with Video Conferencing]

Listen to our web series video to learn how recruiters all over the world are leveraging next-generation video conferencing to save costs while increasing productivity and speed up the entire search process.

Learn how video conferencing is being used by the industry and access our RCSA members’ special offer:

Searching for just the right candidate?

Remote video conferencing might be the solution you are looking for.

When you conduct an interview, seeing the candidate’s expressions and body language will tip you off as to whether or not he or she is a good fit for your client.

But what happens when the best candidate on paper is in a different state… or even a different country?

Beyond being able to interview remote candidates, using video conferencing delivers several other benefits that you may not have considered:

Kirsty and David

Featured Speakers

  • Kirsty Nelson

    With over 8 years experience, Kirsty has worked in recruitment in the UK, Australia and New Zealand specialising in sales, marketing, IT and business support.

  • David Baker

    David has over 9 years experience in the video conferencing industry. He brings with him in depth knowledge of the solutions, trends and challenges affecting the Australian and New Zealand video market.


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